Thursday, 15 March 2018

Catching Up

Hi everyone - I hope you are all having a great time up there on the Scottish Borders. I just wanted to leave a little message to say hello and to let you know what I have been up to. 

During World Book Week I travelled around Great Britain - not quite making it as far as Scotland though. I started the week in Southport, then drove to North Yorkshire, down to Oxford... then further down to Bognor Regis on the south coast. There was lots of snow that week (I bet you had mountains of it in Hawick didn't you) and I nearly got stuck on the motorway driving home. I finally made it home safe and sound but it took nearly eleven hours... I didn't get home until half past two in the morning. I managed to get a few hours sleep and then I was off to Liverpool to share stories with people in the big library there. 
As well as driving around visiting schools I have been doing lots of writing too. When I visited you all at Burnfoot Community School, lots of you asked where I did my writing... so here you are. This is where I do most of it - sat at the table in our dining room. In the picture you can see my laptop, my tablet, my big notebook, books that I was using for research, my mobile phone in case I need to ring anyone, some rough layouts for a new book I was looking at, a cup of coffee to keep me going - you can even see my slippers under the table.

I have been busy writing little story ideas and I have just sent one off called Double Dare. This story is going to be about a group of friends at school who are bullying a new boy in their class. The bullies tell the new boy that he can't join their gang unless he does all of the dares that they set for him.

What sort of things do you think they might get him to do?

I am also busy working on my big pirate book and on a new story with a mysterious scientist and some disappearing pets. There's something else too, but I am going to write a separate piece in my diary about that and also send a letter to school so it can go on your noticeboard... it's something that I need your help with.   

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