Thursday, 15 March 2018

Catching Up

Hi everyone - I hope you are all having a great time up there on the Scottish Borders. I just wanted to leave a little message to say hello and to let you know what I have been up to. 

During World Book Week I travelled around Great Britain - not quite making it as far as Scotland though. I started the week in Southport, then drove to North Yorkshire, down to Oxford... then further down to Bognor Regis on the south coast. There was lots of snow that week (I bet you had mountains of it in Hawick didn't you) and I nearly got stuck on the motorway driving home. I finally made it home safe and sound but it took nearly eleven hours... I didn't get home until half past two in the morning. I managed to get a few hours sleep and then I was off to Liverpool to share stories with people in the big library there. 
As well as driving around visiting schools I have been doing lots of writing too. When I visited you all at Burnfoot Community School, lots of you asked where I did my writing... so here you are. This is where I do most of it - sat at the table in our dining room. In the picture you can see my laptop, my tablet, my big notebook, books that I was using for research, my mobile phone in case I need to ring anyone, some rough layouts for a new book I was looking at, a cup of coffee to keep me going - you can even see my slippers under the table.

I have been busy writing little story ideas and I have just sent one off called Double Dare. This story is going to be about a group of friends at school who are bullying a new boy in their class. The bullies tell the new boy that he can't join their gang unless he does all of the dares that they set for him.

What sort of things do you think they might get him to do?

I am also busy working on my big pirate book and on a new story with a mysterious scientist and some disappearing pets. There's something else too, but I am going to write a separate piece in my diary about that and also send a letter to school so it can go on your noticeboard... it's something that I need your help with.   

Thursday, 1 March 2018

World Book Day

Hello to all my friends at Burnfoot Community School. I hope you aren't getting snowed under and hope you have a fun World Book Day...

See you soon and have fun reading.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Some Books You Might Like To Try

Hi everyone - I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year... It's amazing how quickly this year is starting to speed by - it's February already.

So far I've been busy working on my big book about a pirate and also working on ideas for little books and a book that I will be writing in April about a strange, mad (perhaps evil) scientist called Dr Sallamander. 

Before Christmas I write a very little story called the Big Match - only about 500 words so not very long at all... but here's the cover of the book (I was only shown this yesterday so you guys are some of the first in the world to see it) 

I'd love to hear what books you are reading right now so please let me know and I can share them here with everyone... but here's a couple of books I've read recently that you might like to look out for - you might already have them in your school or they might be at your local library...

If you like Star Wars then you are sure to like the Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space Series - written by a great author called Cavan Scott and has a few illustrations by David M Buisan. The Wild Space series follows two young characters,  Milo and Lina Graf after the kidnapping of their parents by the evil Empire... In this book, the children fly to an Ice Planet in the hope of finding their missing parents but fall into a trap that's been set for them by Captain Korda...

It would be good to read the books in the right order so that you can follow the adventure, but each one is a story on it's own. The Cold is book 5 but it makes perfect sense so dig in and enjoy the excitement of a Star Wars tale in a galaxy far, far away...

The second book that I'm going to recommend to you today is Attack of the Alien Dung by an excellent author called Gareth P Jones and illustrated by Steve May. Gareth's story is funny and Steve's artwork adds to the humour very well. This book is one in the Pet Defenders series and I'm sure you will love it...

A Top Secret organisation of pets is all set to protect the world again alien invaders from outer space. The only problem is... the Humans must not find out about them. Luckily, the animals have a lot of things to help them... including memory erasing seagull poop that can be dropped on any human that sees anything out of the ordinary.

In this story, secret agent Biskit (a dog) is not happy when he discovers that his new partner is Mitzy - a cat. A cluster of cow pats have flown into town and they're whipping up a stick (not to mention the huge dung beetle that is eating and destroying everything in its path. It's up to Biskit and Mitzy to work together to 'kick some alien butt'.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Hello Everyone

Last week was the Scottish Book Week and I had a great time meeting everyone in school. Thank you for making me feel so very welcome.

It was the first time I have been to Hawick and I can't wait to come again. It was dark when I finally arrived so I couldn't see much of the town - I just had time to get to my hotel and have a little read before going to bed. The stairs up to my room were very impressive. I wish we had spiral stairs like these. It was like climbing up a tower in inside a castle.

The next morning I was up bright and early, driving through town and heading to school. 
During the rest of the day I had lots of fun sharing stories and talking about books, reading and writing. There was lots of enthusiasm and lots of great questions being asked.

I was really impressed with the Patron of Reading display in the school entrance... this was starting to fill up with things as the day went on.

I know that you all had a really busy week last week - visiting the local library and lots, lots more... I love to hear from you - so leave a message and let me know what you have been up to. 

I think that everyone will have been given their Reading Passports by now so please do let me know what great books you have been reading. You can leave a message on here or you can send me an email.

Keep in touch and lets share our love of reading...

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Three Countries In One Day

Another quick hello before my visit on Tuesday - I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone.
Monday is going to be a long day as I will be waking up at home here in Wales, crossing the border into England to visit a school there, and then driving up and across the border to Scotland...

Phew! three countries in one day.

See you all soon...

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Patron Of Reading

Here's a huge hello to you all at Burnfoot Community Primary School... I am absolutely delighted to have been asked to be your Patron of Reading and I can't wait to come and meet everyone on the 28th November.

A Patron of Reading is an Author, Illustrator, Poet or Storyteller that has a close link with a school and who encourages everyone to share a love of reading. This isn't something that I can do on my own though... I want you to help too. Whether you're a pupil, a teacher or a parent I want you to get involved so we can all share our love of reading.

Let me know what sort of things you like to read and what you are reading right now - it might be a book - it might be a comic - it might be a graphic novel or perhaps it's something else. If you think that someone else might be interested in the same thing then let me know and I can write about it here. So please leave a comment or send me an email.

Here's some things you can do...

Let me know who your favourite author is...

Let me know what your favourite book is now - or, grown-ups, when you were a child...

Send me a picture that you have drawn or a piece of writing that you have done...

Send me a picture of yourself reading a book in an unusual or interesting place (you can always hide your face behind the book so that no one knows who it is - and that way it will keep your friends guessing.)  Remember to get your parents permission if you're sending a picture.

To find out more about me you can visit my website you can also email me if you want to ask anything about me or writing.